Crafts Afternoon

Meeting Every Wednesday Afternoon To do crafts together with refreshments and company.

Come for Company, to share your craft, to learn a craft, to chat about anything, to share and find new friends, to grow, or just to sit quietly.

So What is a Breathing Space?

A breathing space, is an activity that supports mental wellbeing in some with one or more of the following recognised features that help to improve our wellbeing, i.e.: 

1. Connect
2. Be active
3. Take notice
4. Keep learning
5. Give

Our Craft and Chat on Wednesdays intentionally provides 1,3,4,& 5

Some other breathing spaces you may want to try:

Connect: Gathering Place at St Augustine’s: breakfast, chat, debt advice, signposting to social services, and lots of encouragement.

Take Notice: Thursday Evensong at Derby Cathedral, which is timed later on Thursdays so that working people can drop in to participate, or just relax and unwind with the music

Green Space Lunch – St John’s garden. city workers picnic occasional speaker and music –the opportunity for reflection, offloading, and prayer in the Quiet Space.

Keep Learning: at St Edmund’s Allenton & Shelton Lock Godly Play with Elders,: stories, memories, sharing, playing (why should children have all the fun?)

Faith through Art:, creative activities at St Werburgh’s, Spondon

Give: Christmas Lunch on Jesus at St Peter’s in the City, sharing meals and food parcels.

All Breathing Space are:

1. Supporting at least one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing;

2. Open to anybody (for schools, this means anyone within the school);

3. Part of a church or school that is intentionally developing a culture that is aiming to promote positive approaches to Mental Health; and 

4. Offers signposts to other areas of Mental Health support.



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